Some reckon their age by years
Some measure their life by art
But some tell their days by the flow of their tears
And their lives by the moans of their hearts

Abram Joseph Ryan

I love this so much

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And it was then when I suddenly realized why I hated you. You were the first person I was ever passionate about. My mind and body were dedicated to you in a way that is inexplicable and I guess that’s why it hurt so much when you didn’t care anymore. It pained my soul to an extent where even as much as I forced myself to despise your very existence, I could never seem to fulfill my own order. A few months pass by and I still feel truly pathetic as you continue to consume my daily thoughts. And even though externally I do not seem to fret, inside I still urgently crave the moments when our eyes meet. K.R   (via 99teen)

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I knew this would happen gghfsjkfjkjds boys are mean

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When someone tells me
I’m doing well,
My first reaction
Is no longer
To prove them wrong. M.S. (via coffee-crinkled-pages)
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Beginning to realise that September may not be a welcome escape but that it’s probably going to be extremely difficult

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